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    5 Reasons to GET GAME with a USGA Handicap Index from the OGA!
    1.) Stop guessing! Get a real Handicap Index and get out of the "Aboutas Club" - as in "I'm about an 18."
    2.) Have More Fun! Only a USGA Handicap Index enables golfers of differing abilities to compete equitably.
    3.) Be Credible! When you establish a USGA Handicap Index you're playing on the same level using the same rules as everyone else. Change from being someone who just plays golf and be a golfer!
    4.) Evaluate Your Game! Through the OGA and GHIN, we provide you with tools to track your game; check your progress as well as assess your peers.
    5.) Join the largest network of avid golfers and actively support the game as OGA Members.
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