Gearhart Golf Links

Gearhart Golf Links
Jason Bangild
Zdravko “Z” Barbic
Jason Bangild

PGA Club Professionals Jason Bangild and Zdravko Barbic have been playing and teaching golf for over 70 years collectively. They are students of the game, in both it’s history and it’s advancement. Nothing makes golf more fun than figuring out how to make your swing move the golf ball just a little straighter or a little further. Jason and “Z” are available for individual or group lessons, focusing on any and all aspects of the game, from putting and chipping, to pitching and bunker play, to the full swing with irons and woods.

Gearhart Golf Links is built on 100 acres, with almost every inch taken up by its 18 glorious golf holes. There was space left over to build a wonderful putting green near the pro shop, and a massive putting course called “The Clam Bed” between #1 and #9.

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic indoor learning facility complete with golf specific fitness equipment, and a state of the art GC Quad launch monitor and virtual golf system from Foresight Golf! The rate for instruction is $80 for 45 minutes of individual video instruction. Special rates for group lessons may be arranged with each Professional.